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E-learning in Paramedics Education


About This Course

This course is about utilization of elearning in Paramedics education. It was developed in concert with a title on trauma in EMS (Emergency Medicine Science)

Content Outline

    Chapter 1: Introduction to e-learning in Medical Education

    By the end of this chapter you will be able to;
  • Define e-learning and differentiate it from face to face learning
  • Identify common eLearning platforms and content authoring tools
  • Apply ADDIE Model for your course design and development
  • Identify common mistakes in creating your online course and how to avoid them

    Chapter 2: Learning Theories

  • In this chapter, we will go into various learning theories in regards to Adult learning and Online education

    Chapter 3: Additional Tools for developing your content

  • In this chapter we will look into various methods of creating an engaging online course with different softwares such as OBS, Camtasia, Articulate storyline, H5P, Adobe Premiere and Power point as an editing tool

    Chapter 4: Instructional Strategies

  • In this chapter, we will go through various instructional startegies to support high student impact


There is no requirment for this section

Course Instructors

Robel Tedla Alemu

Robel Tedla Alemu, M.D

Robel Tedla Alemu is a Medical doctor working as a capacity building program coordinator at HSEDC with a focus on eLearning course design and development as well as innovative learning methods


About This Course

This is introductory course for MOODLE platform

New to Moodle™? Not sure where to begin? Not sure what questions to ask? Let us help you embark on your new Moodle™ adventure! This course will take new Moodle™ users on a grand tour of the Moodle™ LMS

In this course, you will learn

Where we will logging in
Navigating the dashboard
where to find things like messaging, notifications, and more
creating courses
Utilization of Interactive contents
enrolling users
LMS terminology
editing courses
adding activities
finding help
basic design principles.


Basic Internet browsing skill.
Social media browsing skill.
Instructional Designing Skill.
Basic Understanding of H5P.

Course Staff

Temesgen Endalew Legesse

Temesgen Endalew Legesse (M.D, UX and UI Developer)

Temesgen Endalew Legesse is working as a Medical Education Innovation and Research Program Coordinator at HSEDC, SPHMMC with a focus on Innovating LMS Platforms, User interface and User Experience Design of the courses and Institution's Digital Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What web browser should I use?

The Moodle platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

See more about the platform for the most up-to-date information.

What kind of platform is Moodle?

Moodle is one of the Open Source Learning Management Systems.

How can we get support throughout the session?

For any inquiries while taking the course you can contact me via e: [email protected]

Course Staff

Salsawit Tesfaye Yigrem

Salsawit T. Yigrem (M.D, Director of CHI at AaBET Hospital)

Salsawit works as the director of Center for Healthcare Innovation in one of the biggest trauma and Emergency hospital called AaBET Hospital, where she focuses on health Innovation, healthcare system improvement, and capacity building. She is driven by her commitment to health-tech and innovation that is accessible and efficient.